Our company is based out of Atlanta, GA and we specialize in our own unique brand of Electronic Hookah and Electronic Cigarette devices.

Our company prides itself as being a leader in the Electronic Hookah, Vapor E Liquids, and Electronic Cigarette market. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible smoking experience by using only the highest quality products and safety standards in the industry.

We offer a wide variety of options for the traditional hookah smoker that desires a portable option that is without the many health risks associated with the traditional method. We also offer flavors that contain nicotine for those that who are trying to avoid the many cancer causing chemicals associated with traditional smoking. You may be looking for a way to quit, or just need a healthier way to smoke.

At Platinum Puffs our goal is to value each customer and provide them with only the latest top of the line products, excellent customer service, and do so at an affordable price. We are also committed to providing a healthier lifestyle for our customers by aiding in the ongoing battle against the harmful effects of traditional hookah and smoking.

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Platinum Puffs

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